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DeAtley Law, PLLC was formed for one purpose: to provide exceptional, cost effective legal assistance to small business owners within and outside of our community. We want our clients to focus on the important things - growing their business - while we handle the legal compliance. To us, there is nothing more exciting than assisting our clients and seeing our clients’ businesses grow and succeed.

When forming DeAtley Law, we realized that the majority of small business owners do not seek legal assistance due to the perceived cost associated with hiring a law firm. This is unacceptable. We feel that legal services should be affordable to everyone, and people should know the cost of retaining an attorney ahead of time. There should be no $50 an email, “Preparation for phone call” fees. With this in mind, DeAtley Law is set up to be a “virtual” law practice. Being a virtual law practice allows DeAtley Law to provide most services on a flat fee basis that our clients agrees to before representation begins. We want our clients to feel free to reach out at any time, for any reason, without the fear of additional costs.

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What is a Virtual Law Practice?

A virtual law practice does away with the traditional brick and mortar, rich mahogany desk, law office and replaces it with a technology driven model that can more efficiently serve the needs of clients. Attorneys in a virtual law practice can provide the same services as a traditional firm over a much wider area and without being tied to a single location. By embracing emerging legal and business technology, DeAtley Law can complete the same work in a fraction of the time of a traditional law office while still tailoring our work to our clients’ specific business needs.

Being a virtual law practice allows us, and our clients, the flexibility to meet when and where it’s most convenient. We also have an office centrally located in downtown Boise if a person-to-person meeting is preferred. DeAtley Law strives to be available at any time our clients need us and provide the best legal services without excess overhead. Being a virtual law practice allows DeAtley Law to do just that.



Subscription and Flat Fees

Nobody likes the billable hour. It chains attorneys to their desks and makes clients concerned that a simple phone call to their attorney will cost significant amounts. Instead, DeAtley Law provides services on a flat-fee basis. We believe that clients should know up-front how much our services will cost and if it makes financial sense to engage DeAtley Law’s services. Each of our on-demand service fees includes initial meetings to discuss our client’s needs, production of the legal work, and all communication necessary to complete the task.

In addition to our flat fee, on-demand services, DeAtley Law also provides monthly subscription legal services. Think of this as a cost-effective general counsel for your business. For a reoccurring monthly flat fee, you will have access to DeAtley Law whenever you have legal questions relating to your business.


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