On-Demand Legal services to protect your business before issues arise


We believe in preventative legal counsel — if it is done right in the beginning, issues down the road can be addressed easier or avoided completely. Our goal is to help businesses protect themselves before legal issues arise, and we want that legal protection to be affordable and predictable.

Your business should be protected in several different areas. To provide the broadest protection of your business, we offer attorney-reviewed and client-focused contract templates, legal services for business projects, and specialized legal packages. We can provide businesses of all sizes with the legal services they need to be protected, all for up-front, flat fees.


Personalized contract templates


Attorney-reviewed contract templates specific to your business and your industry.

These are not boilerplate, one-size-fits-all contracts. All businesses are different and all have different needs. We work with you to provide you with the contracts your business may need, specific to you and your industry. All our contracts are drafted for an up-front, flat fee you know and agree to ahead of time.


We understand that your business is growing and changing and your forms may become outdated. We provide continued updating or modification to any contract we draft for you for as long as you are using the contract, at no cost to you. So, should any question arise or any modification to a contract drafted by DeAtley Law become necessary, give us a call and we will work with you until your contract exactly matches your needs.


  • Employment Contracts

  • Business Entity Contracts

  • Sales/Purchase Agreements

  • Service and Consulting Agreements

  • Landlord/Tenant Agreements

  • Release/Waivers of Liability

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Rental Agreements


Business Projects


Flat-Rate Legal Counsel for short-term projects

From the very beginning, businesses run into situations that need more than a single contract but still are short term engagements. We call these legal projects.

For a flat fee, our clients can retain us to guide and assist them through any number of legal projects that may arise. Our projects include the guidance, negotiation, and contracts necessary to make sure your business is fully protected through the project and beyond. As with our contracts, DeAtley Law will be available to assist with any issues that may arise with the project once the project is completed, at no additional cost.

Prices vary based on Project and Size of Project. Contact us for pricing information.


  • Merger and Acquisition Transactions

  • Buying or Selling a Business

  • Compliance Audit and Action Plan

  • Contract Review, Audit, and Management

  • Business Dissolution

  • Trademark Registration


Legal Packages


Everything you need to Move your business Forward

Our legal packages bundle together the typical legal documents and projects necessary for certain scenarios. Each package focuses on a different area of business or is specific to a certain industry. Call us for a free consultation to see which package is right for you and your business!


The start-up Kit

Designed to help you start your business on the right foot. We walk you through the process of business formation, what will be expected of you and your business in the future, and what regulations you should expect to observe.

Business Strategy Session
2 Years of Registered Agent Services

For LLC’s:
Certificate of Organization
Operating Agreement
EIN Number Request
Business Formalities Advice

For Corporations:
Owner Agreements
Subscription Agreements
Articles of Incorporation
EIN Number
Initial Organization Actions
Business Formalities Advice
$750.00 - 1500.00*

For Non-Profits:
Everything included in Corporation Formation
Drafting, Filing, and Follow-Up of Form 1023

* Prices do not include filing fees or costs


The Employee Kit

Designed to help a new business grow their team and protect their interests. The Employee kit provides the basic agreements every business needs to hire employees or independent contractors.

Business Strategy Session
Employment Agreement
Employment Handbook
Independant Contractor Agreement


The Creative Contractor Kit

Web designers, Etsy shops, makers, and other creative entrepreneurs often lack the protection their small business needs. The Creative Contractor Kit is designed to provide the basic protection for these passionate people at an affordable cost.

Business Strategy Session
Service/Consulting Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Other Agreements Specific to Your Business


Scheduled Consultations


Not sure where to start or Not Ready for Legal Services?

Some people like to do things themselves, but just need guidance. If you just need basic legal advice or are a DIYer looking for a place to start, we offer scheduled consultations for a flat fee to make sure you are on the right track. Both our consultation options include the session itself, as well as a follow-up email answering any issues we may not have had the exact answer for during the call. Schedule your consultation today!


30-Minute Business Consultation

Have a legal question or looking for a place to start? Schedule a 30-minute business consultation covering general business law, employment, business strategy, or MSHA. No need to wait, schedule your consultation today!


90-Minute Business Strategy Session

A Business Strategy Session provides an opportunity to ask more than just a question. During this 90+ minute session, we will provide you with industry- and business-specific legal advice and strategy, what issues you can expect to encounter in the future, and recommendations on how you can proceed.