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Welcome to DeAtley Law! My name is Matt DeAtley, the founder of DeAtley Law. We specialize in advising and representing mining companies on disputes with MSHA, as well as providing quality small business and entrepreneurial guidance. Follow for updates on MSHA, entrepreneurship, and DeAtley Law!

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Nobody likes the billable hour, so at DeAtley Law we avoid it as much as possible. We want our clients to feel free to call us whenever a legal question arises and not worry about the clock starting. Whether your business is just starting out, or is long established, our on-demand legal services and monthly subscriptions are designed to fit your needs for a flat, predictable fee.

our goal is to see your business grow, not meet a billable requirement


What we do

Flat-Fee Business Counseling and Legal GUIDANCE

Starting your own business requires recognizing and resolving an endless number of issues, including the complex web of legal regulations surrounding any industry. DeAtley Law’s legal packages or on-demand services can provide you with the specialized, attorney-reviewed guidance your business needs to get started on the right foot — all for a predictable flat-fee.

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Subscription Business Counsel

With subscription-based outside counsel services, we provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on what is important — operating your business. For a predictable monthly fee, DeAtley Law will be at your fingertips any time legal questions or issues arise. No need to worry about incurring outrageous fees with a phone call or email when you have a legal question.



The mining and aggregate industry will always have a special place at DeAtley Law. With real-world mining experience, we know the struggles of difficult MSHA inspections and how detrimental even small citations may be to your mine operation. MSHA inspectors are given broad leeway when issuing citations and we want to ensure that any citations issued are valid and accurately assessed.



With a background in the mining industry, Matthew is able to provide a unique insight when assisting and representing mine operators with MSHA issues. Matthew is also passionate about providing assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners. By starting DeAtley Law, Matthew is able to follow both passions and provide individual attention to each of his clients in their respective needs.




If you are tired of expecting a bill every time your attorney answers the phone, give us a call. We would love to assist in your personal success story!

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